The village of Velp where our hotel is located, consists of two parts New and Old Velp. Particularly beautiful in new Velp is the formerJesuit monastery Mariendaal in a beautiful landscaped park opposite our hotel.
The building houses a senior citizens home. In the park there is a badgers.
Two former convents and a church with foundations from the 10th century can be found in old Velp At the art church Velp you will find regular concerts and exhibitions.


Walking through the picturesque streets of the old fortified town of Grave, 2 kilometers away from our hotel, you can feel the atmosphere of a rich past.
The town was founded around 1140 when the landlord built his castle there, on the banks of the Meuse.
Now the town of Grave is formed by beautiful facades interspersed with remarkable monuments.
The eventful history of Grave, sometimes called the most besieged city of the Netherlands, is found in the Arsenal, the guns on the river Maas, the Hampoort, the punishment horse and historic town hall.
Many traces of the past are present in the attractive countryside, the parishes Escharen, Gassel and Velp.

In Burgundian Grave several restaurants can be found. Special shops are in abundance. Throughout the year there are many events and various cultural performances and exhibitions.
In the historic fortified town you find two museums, the Graafs museum with a general exhibition on the history of Grave and temporary exhibitions and the Casemate Museum with an exhibition about the battles in May 1940 and September 1944.

Liberation route

Our Hotel is one of the only hotels in Europe directly on the Liberation route.
It is the route that the liberators followed to Berlin in the latter part of World War II from Normandy.
The part of the route near our hotel is also known as the Hells Highway.

What's the Liberation Route?
The Liberation Route let you experience what was happening in 1944 and 1945 in England, around Arnhem and Nijmegen and the Veluwe. At more than 80 locations in the wider area field boulders, are the so-called listening spots.
On each listening spot a story can be heard about the impressive experiences of one or more people during the years 1944-1945. The stories of those places you can be listend on 0900 54 23 728 or you can freely download them on this website.

The Liberation Route follows the path that the allies walked during the liberation of Europe. The route begins at Normandy and runs through North Brabant, Nijmegen, Arnhem and South Veluwe towards Berlin.
These areas were playing a leading role on the world stage at the end of the Second World War. We have developed a package with the Casemate Museum in Grave that gives you more information about the liberation of Grave.

In the immediate vicinity you will find a number of museums that also provide a lot of information about this period.
The Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek, and the War Museum Overloon and Liberation Museum in Groesbeek.


The surroundings of Motel Koolen are particularly suitable for making hiking and cycling tours.
Nearby you will find the beautiful nature of the Maashorst, the largest nature reserve in North Brabant and Herpenduin an area with sand dunes.
The Meuse banks are very suitable for walking and cycling and also the Raamdal at Grave is worthwhile a visit. The surprising countryside arrpund Cuijk is the place where you will find several tourist companies whose gates open to the public. Many of them sell local products.


Enjoy the oldest city in the Netherlands. Do not miss out and take a city walk (available in the tourist agency) and admire the historic buildings. Enjoy shopping in the Hezelstraat, dining on the square near the Waagh or delicious lounging on the quay. Do not forget to visit the Valkhof with a magnificent view over the Ooijpolder. In short, life is good in Nijmegen


's-Hertogenbosch is named Most Hospitable City of the Netherlands three times, in 2010, 2011 and 2012!
The Bosschenaar receives the visitor to the city with open arms!
The key in this city is hospitality.


In addition to the special shops of the historic fortified town Grave you can also do  particularly good shopping in one of the surrounding towns such as Uden, Veghel and Oss and Wijchen.

Bicycle rides

Directly in front of our hotel you will find the famous cycling network.
We have rental bikes ready or you can bring your own bikes.
Using the cycling maps North East Brabant and Arnhem Nijmegen area.

We have also compiled a number of cycling packages for you with all the information.


Also the walking network start at our door.
You start walking on the path outlined by the municipality Landerd and the municipality Grave.
We have plotted a number of packages using walking maps or GPS system. For the avid hiker. 

Finally, our hotel is situated on four long distance walks and long distance cycling paths.

  • The Peel and Maas Line Route
  • The Nijmegen Streekpad
  • Along the Meuse
  • The Airbornepad


Our hotel is easily accessible by car and by public transport but is also only 30 minutes away from two regional airports Weeze Airport and Eindhoven Airport.


A trip to our neighboring country Germany is easy to do. At a short distance you will find Kleve and Xanten. Kurhaus Kleve with its interesting museum of modern art.
Xanten Archaeological Park Xanten a reconstructed Roman city.
In both cities you will find the typical German atmosphere and you can also do some good and cheap shopping.


For golfers, there is a beautiful golf course in Wijchen.


A nice zoo can be found in the Zoo Park Overloon. Be face to face in the 21 acres wide park to cheetahs, tapirs, gibbons, flamingos, giant anteaters, little pandas, reindeer, bear and marten. For the children there is plenty to do in the park! Come play in the playground, cuddle animals in the petting zoo and make an exciting treasure hunt along the inhabitants of the park.

Model gardens

Beautiful gardens can be found in Appeltern Here you will find over 200 model gardens. Elderly people can get there inspiration for their own garden or balcony. Children can have fun with a discovery. There is also a plant market, a restaurant and there are several terraces.


Castles and castle ruins can be found in Mill, Batenburg, Hernen and Wijchen.


You can also explore the area with an old Solex.


For a relaxing day pamper yourself in a sauna. A variety of Massage and beauty treatments.

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From Nijmegen direction Grave.
's Hertogenbosch (N324). After the Maas brigde at Grave turn right at the 3rd roundabout. 1st building on the right.

From 's-Hertogenbosch (A59) exit Grave / Oss-east direction Grave (N324) at 3rd roundabout in Velp turn left . 1st building on the right.